Pranic Consciousness Seminar & Bali Usada Nyepi Package Workshop






with Guest Speaker, Victor Truviano

in Bali, Indonesia


Pranic consciousness seminar – March 19th, 2015

Prana – also known as Chi, Ki, Life Force, Energy, or Light – is the totality of consciousness that runs through a stream of photon energies which permeates all matters in the universe.

For many, it is inconceivable that a person can survive only on Life Force or Prana. Yet, sages, mystics, yogis and spiritual masters of numerous traditions have been able to do just that, through various advanced spiritual techniques.

The good news is that these practices and tools are also available for everyone. But, how is it possible? How does this transformation take place? Where and how can you learn it? How would you live then and for how long? How can we integrate these powerful teachings into our lives? How do we overcome our barriers and achieve our full potentials?

These and many other questions will be addressed during the Bali Usada Pranic Consciousness Seminar with Guest Speaker Victor Truviano, which will be held on:

Date                        : March 19th, 2015 

Time                        : 6.30 pm – 9.00 pm

Venue                      : Bali TV, Gedung Pers Bali K. Nadha, Jalan Kebo Iwa 63 A, Denpasar

Investment              : Free or by donation


About Our Guest Speaker, Victor Truviano and Pranic Consciousness

Argentinian-born Victor Truviano is a globally known “breatharian”. He has been living without food or liquid intake for the past seven years, and has only been sourcing his nutrition needs from air (though breathing) and prana. Victor’s ability to live without food or liquid is due to his practice in pranic consciousness.

Pranic Consciousness is a state of consciousness in which a person simply be, allowing the Totality to express Itself as an entirety. Here, there is full consciousness that one is not separate from the rest of the universe. Mystics throughout the ages have been striving to achieve such state. The paths to arrive at this are understood to be as varied as there are beings.


Bali Usada Nyepi package workshop – March 21st 2015 (Nyepi Day)

A special day of meditation using the Bali Usada health meditation technique accompanied with a talk by guest speaker Victor Truviano on Pranic   Consciousness and “Magnetic Moment”. The meditation sessions will be guided by the founder and the primary teacher of Bali Usada, Pak Merta Ada.

What is the Magnetic Moment technique? In principle, it is physics at work in human bodies. Certain external incidents or internal dispositions may cause magnetic charges in our bodies. Charged human bodies are not natural and may create unwanted health conditions.

Fortunately it is possible to alter these conditions and keep our bodies neutral, by consciously opting to release unwanted charged conditions and hence returning the bodies to its more natural state. The magnetic moment technique leverages on the neutral charge (created through the same principle of magnetic nature in the physical body) and on voice vibration (allowing it to vibrate with specific parts of the body that need attention) to heal a person.

The workshop will be held on:

Date                        : March 21st, 2015

                                  With participants arriving on March 20th and departing on March 22nd

Venue                      : Svarga Loka Resort, Jalan Penestenan Kelod, Ubud Bali.

Investment              :

·         US$360++/room (Svarga Loka Nyepi hotel package for March 20th-22nd and includes F&B: breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner for (2) two persons)

·         Rp. 1,000,000 /person (Full day meditation session, Bali Usada’s student)

·         Rp. 1,500,000 /person (Full day meditation session, Non-Bali Usada’s student)


Please arrange your reservation and payment directly with Svarga Loka Resort Ubud.


Note on the Balinese Nyepi Day: Nyepi is the new year’s day of the Balinese’s calendar. Balinese people usually celebrate the day by meditating and observing the rules of Amati Lelangon (no pleasure), Amati Lelungan  (no travel),  Amati Geni (no fire), and Amati Karya (no work). In this day, there will be no vehicles around, no lamp, no work. So participants will be come to the hotel before Nyepi, and leaving after Nyepi.



About Bali Usada Health Meditation and its founder Merta Ada

Bali Usada health meditation aims at cultivating a mind that is harmonious, at peace, balance, conscious and wise. The practice can also serve to prevent and heal various health conditions and eliminate adverse reactions in memories. The technique draws upon the extensive wisdoms from ancient Balinese scriptures, teachings of meditation teachers and traditional healers, medical researches, and Bali Usada’s founder Pak Merta Ada’s own experience as healer.

Merta Ada has been a meditation teacher for more than 20 years, helping hundreds of thousands of his students from all over the world to use meditation to increase their physical as well as emotional health. A strong believer in doing good for others, Merta Ada obtained his knowledge and skills from a rigorous practice of meditation and learnings from various Balinese teachers and scriptures. Merta Ada also has the special ability to sense the vibration in plants and has produced tens of herbal medicines, as well as provides health consultation for public.



For further information and registration:

·         Bali Usada Centre Sanur (0361289209)

·         Svarga Loka Resort Ubud (0361975454)

·         Nago (085739384959)

·         Handoyo (08553783737)

·         Dewi (08113807558)

·         Or email to:

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o    This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Jadwal Meditasi Tapa Brata 2015 (berdasarkan bulan)
11 - 17 Januari (Baturiti)
18 - 24 Januari (Surabaya)
25 - 31 Januari (English, Svargaloka, Ubud)

01 - 07 Februari (Jakarta)
08 - 14 Februari (Baturiti)
24 Feb - 07 Mar (TB-2, English, Forest Island)
Jadwal Meditasi Tapa Brata 2015 (berdasarkan tempat)


11 - 17 Januari
08 - 14 Februari
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13 - 19 Desember

Dengan Meditasi Memperoleh Kesehatan

Oleh                      : Michele Cempaka
Diterjemahkan oleh : Bp. Nico Krisnanto

 Merta Ada, seorang pria dengan tampilan lembut dan senantiasa tersenyum ramah, telah mengajar meditasi di pulau Bali sejak 1993. Sampai kini sudah 86,000 orang yang ikut pelatihan Bali Usada. Apa rahasia keberhasilan pelatihan meditasi pak Merta Ada?

Mungkin ada kecenderungan bahwa orang ingin mencari metode penyembuhan yang lebih lengkap, yang menyentuh lebih luas daripada sekedar badan kasar kita; bahkan juga yang mencakup keyakinan bahwa emosi dan nuansa pikiran kita dapat berpengaruh sangat kuat pada seluruh kesejahteraan hidup kita. Merta Ada membagikan pandangannya tentang bagaimana pikiran harmonis dan kesadaran badan yang bijaksana dapat sangat membantu proses penyembuhan kita.

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