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My name is Denisse Moralli and I am a 29 year old from Argentina. In March 2015 I undertook a Tapa Brata 1 course and it was a really deep experience for me.

During day 4, when I had my consultation with Pak Merta Ada, I explained some of the feelings that I usually have, such as: menstrual pain; some feelings in my body that sometimes experience when I go to sleep like a kind of electricity in my bones; and also the fact that I need glasses. After Pak Merta scanned my body he told me that everything I was feeling came from my relationship with my mother. He mentioned that. Could be in my past life my mother had left me and in this life I was born with a big attachment to my mother which stemmed from the fear of her leaving me again.

The thought journal of a curious 21 year old Indonesian

Have you ever tried to mindfully breathe without actually controlling your breath? Being aware of your breathing but not controlling it? That trick I learned on day 2 of my Bali Usada journey.

The weeklong program in Baturiti, Bali (in Bahasa Indonesia. International classes are held in Ubud) was perhaps the most disciplined I’ve ever been in my life, and also the most valuable learning experience I’ve ever endured. For 7 days and 6 nights 32 other participants and I stayed at Bali Usada’s meditation center where we took a vow of silence, practiced good thought and positive thinking, routine meditations (about 6 times a day), and vegetarianism.

Dengan Meditasi Memperoleh Kesehatan

Oleh                      : Michele Cempaka
Diterjemahkan oleh : Bp. Nico Krisnanto

 Merta Ada, seorang pria dengan tampilan lembut dan senantiasa tersenyum ramah, telah mengajar meditasi di pulau Bali sejak 1993. Sampai kini sudah 86,000 orang yang ikut pelatihan Bali Usada. Apa rahasia keberhasilan pelatihan meditasi pak Merta Ada?

Mungkin ada kecenderungan bahwa orang ingin mencari metode penyembuhan yang lebih lengkap, yang menyentuh lebih luas daripada sekedar badan kasar kita; bahkan juga yang mencakup keyakinan bahwa emosi dan nuansa pikiran kita dapat berpengaruh sangat kuat pada seluruh kesejahteraan hidup kita. Merta Ada membagikan pandangannya tentang bagaimana pikiran harmonis dan kesadaran badan yang bijaksana dapat sangat membantu proses penyembuhan kita.

Memories from the Past - My Meditation Journey

Memories from the Past - My Meditation Journey
By Inge Santoso

From August 2nd to 8th, I was attending Bali Usada’s Usada Tapa Brata 1 for one full week. It was a health meditation program. For more information about the program:

A seven-day intensive course where participants are requested to leave all the daily routine to stay isolated from outside world under the Tri-Tapa rules: no talking, no reading, and no writing.

A training to build up concentration, an exercise to develop awareness and mindfulness to strengthen harmonious mind and loving kindness.....

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